Even though it is only October, Christmas is rapidly approaching. The weather is becoming frosty and the festive feeling will slowly take over! As Christmas movies are soon to arrive on our televisions across the country, The Cheshire Coffee Company are recommending 3 flavours to get you in the mood for Christmas!

Monin Gingerbread Coffee Syrup

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Monin Gingerbread coffee syrup is Christmas personified. Drinks such as gingerbread hot chocolates and lattes are exactly what is needed around the cold, yet exciting Christmas period. Gingerbread coffee syrup has a balance of ginger and cinnamon combining two powerful flavours. There are not many flavours that are distinctive as Monin Gingerbread coffee syrup, but it is perfect for the Christmas festivity!

Monin Hazelnut Coffee Syrup

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Hazelnut is another classic example of a flavour that brings out the festive feeling. It symbolises warmth and togetherness, making it ideal for Christmas desserts and drinks. Drinks such as hazelnut chocolate lattes and hazelnut hot chocolates are perfect for the occasion!

Monin Cinnamon Coffee Flavour

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Monin Cinnamon coffee syrup captures the true spicy taste of cinnamon. The thought provoking scent of cinnamon is another true flavour of Christmas. Sitting through the cold, gloomy days will definitely be more enjoyable with cinnamon coffee syrup. Not only does it add extra flavour but it can be used to produce some of the most delightful drinks.

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