Coffee and cocktail syrups are perfect for adding a little something extra into your drinks. You can add powerful flavours that compliment coffees, teas and even alcohol. But when you want something a little more decadent, it’s time to call on Monin sauces. As well as syrups, they can also be used for creating a more enjoyable beverage or dessert drink. We understand that mixology of sauces and coffee syrups can get complicated, but that is what The Cheshire Coffee Company are here to help you with.

Monin White Chocolate Sauce

Milk chocolate and white chocolate are completely different in more than just colour. Milk chocolate and dark chocolate are made from the cocoa beans itself, where as white chocolate is made from cocoa butter. It is velvety, with a delightful texture that reminds you of a pure blanket of cream. The sweet flavour of white chocolate compliments numerous drinks, including mochas, lattes and milkshakes. Here is a favourite white chocolate recipe:

vanilla liqueur white chocolate martini

Vanilla Liqueur White Chocolate Martini

30ml of Monin Vanilla Liqueur

15ml of Monin White Chocolate Sauce

20ml of Vodka

15ml of Passion Fruit Juice

Since the vanilla liqueur white chocolate martini is an alcoholic beverage, and not a thick milkshake based drink it does not require a blender. All that is needed to make this beverage is the ingredients mentioned above and a shaker containing ice cubes. Place all the ingredients into the shaker and shake vigorously until the mixture is completely smooth, and you will have your vanilla liqueur white chocolate martini!

Monin Caramel Sauce

Caramel is created by the traditional method of melting sugar in a pot of water, bringing a sweet and rich flavour. The golden colour of caramel is a beautifully heart-warming, whilst the taste is incomparable. Caramel is great with lattes, frappes and hot chocolates. The sticky texture is exactly why it is perfect as both a topping and for adding extra flavour to your drinks. Check out the recipe below:

coffee caramel milk

Coffee Caramel Milk

10ml of Monin Coffee Syrup

30ml of Caramel Sauce

90ml of Milk

These three ingredients are all that is needed for a coffee caramel milk. All you have to do it place all the ingredients into a blender, cover them with ice, blend until smooth and pour into a glass and serve!

Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce

Dark chocolate has origins that span over 4000 years, but was most popular as a commodity once Christopher Columbus brought chocolate into Europe. Monin have produced a dark chocolate flavoured sauce that beautifully compliments coffee and coffee flavoured drinks. It is ideal for producing mochas and can even be used as an irresistible topping! A smooth textured sauce embossed with a bold, creamy and rich taste could be combined with a lot of things, but we at Cheshire Coffee Company have picked a pistachio dark chocolate!

pistachio dark chocolate

Pistachio Dark Chocolate

25ml of Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce

30ml of Monin Pistachio Syrup

900 ml of Milk

15 ml of Milk

Making a pistachio dark chocolate is exactly the same as a coffee caramel milk! Place all the ingredients into a blender, cover in ice and blend until it is completely smooth and enjoy yourself a pistachio dark chocolate drink!