The Cheshire Coffee Company provide all the accessories to make your coffee making experience the easiest it can ever be. Our selection of Monin accessories include Monin sauces and bottle pumps providing you with a selection to choose from. The Cheshire Coffee Company have come up with three coffee accessories that are perfect for coffee lovers and mixologists!

Monin Pump for 1L Glass Bottles

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Monin pumps are a great way to measure and pour the precise amount of syrup needed. The pumps are designed to release 10ml per shot to prevent over and under pouring your syrups. We know how precious coffee and cocktail syrups are so let’s make sure we don’t waste it!

Monin Caramel Sauce 500ml

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We all know that caramel is formally known as caramelized sugar. It is produced from heating sugar until it melts and this Monin caramel sauce is some of the purest tasting caramel. The rich and sticky flavour is only the beginning with Monin’s caramel sauce. Our Monin caramel sauces only come in the finest caramel colour, making it both tasty and beautiful. Monin Caramel Sauce is perfect to use with deserts such as ice cream and certain cakes.

Monin White Chocolate Sauce 500ml

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White chocolate is not derived from the cocoa bean that traditional chocolates, such as milk or dark chocolate are from. White chocolate is produced from the cocoa butter, hence the extremely buttery yet mouth-watering taste. White chocolate always presents a sweetly subtle flavour that complements many strong flavours such as coffee. Cheese cakes, ice creams and fruits are only a select few desserts that complement our Monin white chocolate sauce.

For more information on only the finest coffee and cocktail syrups visit The Cheshire Coffee Company Website today!