Coffee is a staple drink all over the world, drank by people rushing to work, catching up with friends, or even when relaxing at home. We at The Cheshire Coffee Company are obsessed with coffee, and we have chosen signature coffee flavours for the three biggest cities in the UK – London, Birmingham and finally Manchester. Take a look and let us know what you think!


We start off with the capital and the biggest city in the UK, London. It is known as ‘the City’ and is seen as the business and financial heart of the UK. This is where the majority of government offices are, the Buckingham Palace and last but not least, this is where the Queen herself lives. London is an incredibly busy place, it has manic mornings, thousands of people going back and forth, tourists and is simply the busiest of the three.

For London, we believe an Amaretto Coffee symbolises London down to the tee. The style, and finesse of Amaretto, combined with the bitter, yet aromatic smell of coffee is a great way to make the manic mornings seem worth it.


Next up is the youngest city in Europe, with under 25’s accounting for just below 40% of its population! Birmingham is also one of the greenest cities in the UK, with their environmentally friendly initiatives. The Birmingham Hippodrome is the most popular theatre in the country and the city even has its own Cadbury’s factory! Another one of its engaging features is its diverse multi culturalism.

Black Forest has a dark chocolate taste with a hint of cherry. The two defining tastes represent the diverse population of Birmingham, and not to mention homage to Bourneville! The rich, creamy, sweet aftertaste is a perfectly balanced taste and is a great way to start the morning in a big city like Birmingham.


We finally arrive at Manchester, the home of Oasis, Manchester United and Manchester City, the first M & S store and Danny Boyle. Manchester has also recently been voted as the greatest city in the UK to live in, for two years in a row.

The Cheshire Coffee Company have chosen a Gingerbread Coffee. It is a bright amber and has a friendly and warm feeling to it, just like Manchester does. The strong, complex spices with a cinnamon twist is a representation of the music, fashion, football and cultural aspects of Manchester.

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