We all know that amazing feeling when Friday arrives and the partying feeling takes over. Cocktails are the perfect way to prepare for a weekend of relaxation or partying! The Cheshire Coffee Company love to contribute recipes for our syrups and we have come up with three clever recipes to spice up your Friday night!

Amaretto Martini

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15ml of Monin Amaretto Syrup

60ml of Peach Juice

40ml of Vodka

Amaretto Marintis are a great adaption of the traditional martini and are ridiculously easy to make!

Combine all of the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake the shaker vigorously and slowly pour the content into a cocktail glass filled with ice. This cocktail is also available with our Sweetbird Amaretto syrup!

Coffee Liqueur Vanilla Daiquiri

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10ml of Sweetbird Vanilla Syrup

30ml of Coffee Liqueur

20ml of Lime Juice

45ml of Dark Rum

Again, the recipe is incredibly easy. Pour all of the ingredients into a blender cup, add ice cubes and blend it until it is completely smooth. Finish it by pouring the content into a martini glass and serve! This cocktail can be used with Monin Vanilla syrup and Jordan’s Skinny Syrup Vanilla!

English Toffee Martini

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20ml of Jordan’s Skinny Syrup English Toffee

1 Shot of Espresso

45ml of Vodka

Start off by placing all the ingredients into a shaker, and shake! Make sure the liquid is completely smooth then slowly strain the ingredients into a martini glass! You will now have an English Toffee Martini! You can also use our Sweetbird syrup instead of Jordan’s Skinny Syrup!

For more information on coffee and cocktails visit The Cheshire Coffee Company website!