Frappe Mix

Cool down this summer, with a Monin Frappé

You can now make the perfect frappe at home, thanks to our wonderful selection of frappe mixes now available at The Cheshire Coffee Company. Making a frappe or Frappuccino couldn’t be easier! Simply grab a scoop of your favourite frappe mix and blend with crushed ice and milk for the perfect cold drink. If you like your frappe a little stronger, you can even add a dash of coffee for an extra little kick. Frappes are perfect for summer days at home, or even in the office, when a hot drink just wont do! The Le Frappé de Monin mixes are specially designed to complement the entire Monin flavoured syrup range, giving you a perfectly balanced drink, every time. You will find something for every mood, with flavours including Vanilla andchocolate, or coffee frappe if you need a little extra caffeine. Made with carefully selected ingredients, you wont be able to resist!

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